The International Spring School in Discrete Choice Experiments and Psychometrics – Theory, Methods and Application is a cross-disciplinary course in economics and psychology for consumer science that implement a learning-by-doing approach.

WHEN AND WHERE: 7-11 May 2018 @ Milan, ITALY

LECTURERS: Vincenzina Caputo (Michigan State University), Marco Perugini (University of Milan-Bicocca) Juliette Richetin (University of Milan-Bicocca)


The School is opened to young researchers and PhD students from both economics and psychology and is structured according to the following modules

Module Main Topics
Module #1. – Economics
Choice Experiments
Introduction to Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs); Theoretical background; Steps to set up a choice experiment study; Empirical models; Advanced topics in DCEs
Economics LAB Choice Experiment dataset; Scripting; Data analysis; Interpretation of CE model estimates
Module #2. – Psychology
Attitudes and Psychometrics
Attitudes & behaviors; Psychometric measurements; Contextual effects; Reproducibility and increased accuracy of scientific findings
Psychology LAB Experimental design; Halo effect; Creating explicit and implicit attitude measures ; Implicit attitude measures data;
Module #3 – Economic & Psychology
Bridging the two Approaches
Differences and touchpoints in economics and psychological theories; How to combine the two approaches
Student presentations
Stand on the shoulders of giants
Students’ case study presentations for lecturers evaluation and feedback


The enrollment is limited to a maximum of 30 students. Admissions will be based on the evaluation of the students’ curricula that will take into consideration:

  • university diplomas and other academic degrees;
  • other diplomas and specialization certificates;
  • scientific publications

To apply for enrollment, please fill the form at this LINK. In case the link does not work on your browser, please send an e-mail for instruction to the address indicated below.


Full (application before March 10, 2018) € 1,180.00
Reduced (application before March 10, 2018)* €    980.00
Late payment (application after March 10, 2018) € 1,380.00

The fee includes lunch and coffee breaks, one social dinner and one walking tour in the center of Milan on Saturday, 12 May 2018.

*The reduced fee applies for PhD students, Master’s thesis candidates, participants with a <10,000 EUR per year household income.

General Information

Directors Eugenio Demartini, Prof. Fabio Verneau
Scientific Committee Anna Gaviglio, Alessandro Banterle
Local Committee Elisa De Marchi, Maria Elena Marescotti
General information & Admnistrative Secretary
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